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Photo Credits: (c)2020, 2021 Natsukoarts Design Studio | Natsuya Uesugi

Natsuya Uesugi Author Bio (Short Bio)

Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winning  Author
Indie Manga Artist | Graphic Designer | Web Designer | Technical Writer
Human Factors UX Engineer |
Software Engineer | Systems Analyst
Cybersecurity Analyst | Former White Hat Hacker
Pronouns: He, Him, His

Natsuya Uesugi is an award-winning cyberpunk scence fiction writer with a BA degree in Engish with minor in Japanese from Georgetown University,  MBA in International Management, certificate in animation/game design, certificate in graphic design, degree in music composition, and certification in Social Engineering who has received recognition for his writing on Net Neutrality, Privacy, Cybersecurity,  LGBT Youth Homelessness, Transgender Rights, and Cyberbullying.

Natsuya is writing his dream of showcasing diverse characters in positions of power through fiction. Of Mixed Indigenous, Black and Asian heritage, his Indigenous childhood nickname stood in stark contrast to growing up speaking “the King’s English,” French and Scots Gaelic at home and learning Japanese in school. Seeing life through a lens of challenge and determination as a person with ADHD on the Autism Spectrum, his mission is to elevate marginalized BIPoC voices often silenced and write representation, creating characters we often do not see in mainstream fiction. He is creating the characters and stories he couldn’t find in college. His passion for storytelling that empowers, promotes truth, triumph and hope against insurmountable odds, he hopes to educate and provide a voice for many who feel marginalized and who often are not given a voice. As a passionate writer and manga artist, Uesugi uses his pen to create YA cyberpunk, fantasy, dystopian thriller and also yaoi/BL stories to spread positive messages that encourage young adults to live their truth and dare to be their genuine selves. His works cover novels, short stories, a RPG trading card games, visual novels, manga graphic novels, light novels, web serials, and web anime.

His stories have been recognized for visibility and representation focused on the effects of technology on society, climate  and the human condition. He dares to showcase personal power through a unique multi-cultural lens penning diverse, gritty real-world fiction with an anime-inspired tech noir aesthetic of in your face realness that elevates beauty, truth, pain, struggle, and triumph over adversity.


As a Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winning Author for the techno thriller grydscaen: dark, Natsuya has received recognition  for promoting visibility of the plight of LGBT Homeless Youth, LGBT teen suicide and youth mental health and has donated  earnings from the novel grydscaen: scout in 2020 to Covenant House to support homeless youth and to the Navajo Nation supporting Covid-19 prevention programs. He partners with local counseling centers providing teen transgender transition support, youth autism awareness, transgender suicide prevention support, and LGBT youth homelessness support as a Youth Counselor and Street Outreach Minister. He donates copies of his coming of age BL manga “graphic noiz” to Neuro-Divergent youth working with various counseling centers as part of educational  programs focused on teaching communication skills and self-esteem to teens on the Autism Spectrum. He donates his  “grydscaen: a storm’s coming” manga about ROM the homeless teen to LGBT Youth workshops for Self-Esteem programs. Natsuya actively advocates and blogs about Suicide Prevention, Transgender Youth, and Privacy in hopes to end the  stigma of mental illness, stop transgender discrimination, and end cyber bullying. He also mentors Social Workers, Psychologists and Counselors working with transgender youth on navigating coming out, straight allyship, and dressing/social transition He is a fierce and vocal advocate for Transgender Women of Colour supporting fair and equal employment and housing programs for Trans Woman of Colour.

Natsuya’s grydscaen series has been endorsed by a leading voice in cyberwarfare.

“grydscaen: dark, you can tell Natsuya Uesugi knows his tech. I write extensively on cyber warfare, but could never write fiction about hackers as terrifying as grydscaen. I’ve tried writing fiction but never could pull it off. grydscaen reveals what hackers think. Definitely impressed.”
– endorsement by Cybersecurity Expert on Cyber Warfare See full endorsement

Degrees & Education

  • Georgetown University: BA English | Focus: Japanese Language & Culture
  • University of Phoenix: MBA International Management
  • Art Institute of Phoenix:  Animation & Game Design
  • Art Institute of Phoenix: Graphic & Web Design

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All works listed copyright Natsuya Uesugi.
grydscaen(R) is a registered trademark of Natsuya Uesugi DuBois


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grydscaen Taglines   

Professional Reviewers compare grydscaen to: Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Divergent, Ender’s Game,  The Matrix, Animatrix, Blade Runner, Total Recall, and William Gibson’s Neuromancer.

  • logline title: “hackers against the government”
  • logline 1: “hackers against the government in a dark and gritty cyberpunk world”
  • logline 2: “grydscaen,  dark and gritty, sexy yet cerebral (US Review of Books)
  • logline 3: “as dark as it gets” (Rainbow Gold Reviews)
  • tagline 1: “Whose side are you on?”
  • tagline 2: “Hackers Unite. Hack Till You’re Dead.”
  • tagline 3: “Welcome to the Real Real World.”
  • hacker tag 1: “All Hail the Packrat Code!”
  • hacker tag 2: “Jack-in, jerk off, tie one on. Lock and Load my children.
  • Omnibus AI tag: “Welcome, My Children, its Darklight Time! Time to Dive…”

Literary Awards & Recognition

Traditional Media   

  • LA Times — grydscaen: dark + inception + legacy (2021)
  • LA Times  —  grydscaen: beginnings (2021)
  • Publisher’s Weekly  —  grydscaen: beginnings (2020)
  • Reader’s Digest  —  grydscaen: tribute
  • New York Times Book Review —  grydscaen: beginnings
  • New York Times Book Review —  grydscaen: retribution

Awards – Books Awards Won

  • 2021 International Impact Book Awards [Adventure]
  • 2021 Royal Dragonfly Book Award [SF | Fantasy | Paranormal
  • 2021 Pencraft Award [Fiction – Thriller – General]  2021 Award Winner
  • 2021 Hollywood Book Festival [Science Fiction]   2021 Winners
  • 2021 PenCraft Awards Literary Excellence [Fiction | Scifi | Thriller]  2021 Winners
  •  2021 Firebird Book Awards [Teen]   July 2021 Winners  |  Uesugi Winner Radio Promo
  • 2021 San Francisco Book Festival [Young Adult]   2021 Winners     |   Table of Honour
  • 2021 Purple Dragon Book Awards Nominee [eBook Young Adult Fiction]  2021 Winners
  • 2021 Literary Titan Book Award Winner [Best Book: Gold Award]   April 2021 Winners
  • 2019 Indie Manga Cover Design Award — grydscaen: atonement
  • 2019 Indie Mangaka Cover Design Award — grydscaen: scout
  • 2018 Creative Conscience Award [LGBT Homeless Awareness]

Award – Book Award Nominations  

  • 2021 Book Excellence Awards (Technology]
  • 2021 International Impact Awards [Adventure]
  • 2021 New England Book Festival Award [Fiction – Wildcard]
  • 2021 Royal Dragon Fly Award [Fiction Novel]
  • 2021 PenCraft Award [Fiction: Thriller]
  • 2021 Book of the Year Award [Young Adult/Teen]
  • 2021 International Rubery Book Award [Best Book]
  • 2021 Reader’s Favorite Book Awards Nominee [YA Social Issues]
  • 2020 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Nominee [Thriller/SF]

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Target Audience

Demographic | Primary Angle

  • Appeal to Young Adult age 10 to 30
  • YA Young Adult “geek” enthusiasts
  • Anime lovers | Otaku | Manga enthusiasts
  • Gamers (Final Fantasy | Watch Dogs | Detroit Become Human | Galerons Ash)
  • Readers who love SciFi Fantasy Adventure and lore-driven stories
  • Readers of SciFi Cyberpunk and Dystopian stories

Media Categories

  • Geek culture | Tech | IT | Cosplay | Gamer | Anime
  • YA outlets
  • Book reviews
  • LGBT outlets
  • Social Issues
  • Social Justice
  • Liberal | Progressive
  • Anime | Otaku

Marketing Plan

PR | Publicity

  • Author Press Kit
  • Author Interviews
  • Professional Reviews
  • Reader Reviews
  • Press Releases


  • Professional Gallery Artist | SEO Data Analytics – Wonky Data
  • Fortune 500 Cybersecurity Expert in Cyber Warfare
  • Transgender Youth Counselor
  • Professional Manga Translator (French)

Public Speaking | Platform Growth

  • Outreach Projects — LGBT Homeless Youth | LGBT Teens | Indigenous Youth
  • Phoenix ComicCon | Tempe Library Fan Fest | Tempe Book Festival
  • Online Book Launch Events (YouTube | Facebook)
  • Promotional Items — Bookmarks, Postcards, Stickers, buttons, silence game badges
  • Promotional Items – grydscaen RPG Game Character Trading Cards
  • Promotional Items — grydscaen “Hackers Unite” Face Masks
  • Promotional Items — grydscaen branded hand sanitizer
  • Promotional Items — grydscaen quarantine & “mask up” stickers
  • Promotional Items — grydscaen “wear a mask save a life” PSA postcards
  • YouTube — grydscaen animated shorts
  • YouTube – animated “scout” web series (grydscaen: scout manga)
  • YouTube – animated “a storm’s coming” web series (grydscaen manga)
  • Web Series  – grydscaen “darkness” web novella (grydscaen: scout)
  • Twitter story – grydscaen “Flowers of Evil” (Twitter story)


  • Guest Blogging on Cybersecurity | Character Design Course
  • Live Interviews – Radio | Podcasts
  • Donating Branded Covid-19 Face Masks
  • grydscaen supports Homeless Youth | Covenant House

Internet Marketing

Additional Opportunities

  • Local Library Book Donations
  • LGBT Youth Outreach (Coming Out | Pronouns | Safe Schools)
  • Youth Outreach (ADHD | Autism | LGBT Youth | Anti-Bullying | Suicide Awareness)

Contact Information

  • Author Name: Natsuya Uesugi DuBois
    Pronounciation:  Naht-soo-yah   Ooh-eh-sooh-gui    Duuh-Bwa
  • Email:
  • Phone: 480-577-7624
  • Writer | Manga Artist | Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Website:


Media Kits/Author Press Kits for Natsuya Uesugi are available at the links above. Physical print press kits available November 2021. grydscaen story bible in grydscaen: beginnings. grydscaen character bible 1 ebook available from the author. grydscaen character bible 2 in production 2021 Winter. To request PDF press kits or and the new physical print kits when available, or to request author interviews or Review ARCs, contact