2D Anime Short Film Services for Indie Creators

Welcome to grydscaen 2D. Thanks for stopping by. We are a small indie shop hoping to help bring your story to life. We offer a host of creative services to help you realize your vision. Read more to learn about our offerings.

An Independent Dystopian Voice

Creating content that matters, grydscaen is a voice for social change. We provide services that support independent comic book artists, writers and manga artists who want branch out into bringing your words to life.

Services include short file editing, rendering, compilation, video file conversion, voice over recording, and voice over audio recording for indie animated short films.

In addition, we offer script writing and script formatting for manga, comics, graphic novels and animated short film, as well as storyboards and animatics for adaptation and transition of short stories, novels, manga and comics to animation.

stills from original “grydscaen: a storm’s coming” – episode 1 pilot


“grydscaen: a storm’s  coming” episode 1 pilot trailer 

grydscaen 2D marketing

 Film Services Catalogue

  • initial project consultation  – $0 (free) – 20 minute consultation
  • short film creation & editing – $50 per 5min file (by complexity)
  • short film cleanup & render – $20 per 5min file
  • short film file conversion to MP4 – $15 per 5min file
  • voice over recording – $50/hr single character 5x lines dialogue
  • voice over recording render – $50/hr (render| export| convert)
  • storyboard illustration for manga/animation – $120 per page
  • animatic motion storyboardget quote
  • short manga script writing (web episode) – $120/per 5 pages
  • short anime script writing (web episode) –  $120/per 5 pages
  • short anime film script formatting {web episode} – $50 per 5 pages
  • short anime film script beta read – $1/per page
  • story arc & synopsis review – $50 (30 minutes)

How to book your free consultation with grydscaen 2D?

Got questions? Contact grydscaen2Dinfo@natsukoarts.com for information and assistance.

  • To schedule a free consultation, contact grydscaen2Dinfo@natsukoarts.com
  • You will receive an email with request for scheduling
  • Once scheduled, meet to discuss your project

Payment Methods

  • All payments for services will include invoice.
  • Invoice lists detail of goods & services to be rendered.
  • Send payments via Paypal to: grydscaen@gmail.com
  • For instructions,  inquiries or to discuss your project: grydscaen@gmail.com


  • If your project gets the green light, we will email info
  • Email will include invoice & payment instructions
  • No refunds for services rendered.
  • All services bookings in writing prior to service.
  • All projects require contract prior to any services rendered.
  • All payments and agreements for services are due prior to work started.
  • All projects require initial consultation prior to discussion and booking of potential services.