Natsuya Uesugi creates the cover designs, as well as all the artwork for his original manga and the main grydscaen tarot deck.

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Our Approach

Natsukoarts Design Studio is focused on providing stories that showcase diversity and empowerment. Themes that promote self esteem, personal discovery and finding your genuine self are front and center.

With the novels, Natsukoarts has recently branched into RPG gaming and manga to tell its stories. We listened to teens on social media to address themes such as bullying, mental health, gender identity, marginalization, and net neutrality.

Our Story

Starting in college when Natsuya was unable to find books that featured LGBT characters in positions of power, he decided to create stories himself. Natsukoarts strives to fill a void showcasing stories with LGBT characters focused more on character development and world building than romance.

Meet the Team

Who are we? Lets start with the key players.



studio manager, blogger, and business liaison.

A businessman and player in social media circles, Shoji has been blogging about LGBT causes and bullying for years. Founder of Natsukoarts Design Studio in New York City, he is a voice in the transgender and LGBT community wanting to see LGBT messages of power reach the mainstream and influence minds ending the stigma about gay and transgender youth.



author, illustrator, and manga artist.

A writer with a BA degree in English, a minor in Japanese, an art degree in animation, and an MBA in International Management, Natsuya is writing his dream of showcasing characters in positions of power. Focused on bringing stories of empowerment, Natsuya uses fiction, fantasy, and yaoi to spread his positive message to encourage young people to live their truth.

Next Steps

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