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Available Novels

grydscaen: dark

Award-winning cyberpunk novel grydscaen: dark is a fast-paced standalone techno thriller about hackers against the government. An insider tip gets the gothic blackhat hacker Jester engaged in a high tech game. The teenage hacker Rom infiltrates the largest high volume brokerage house causing wild gyrations in trading. When Jester triggers an insidious stock market payload all hell breaks loose threatening the government and the pristine City. Can the government cybersecurity officers figure out Jester's game before the entire economy crashes. Whose side are you on?

"...the suspense of waiting to see what happens was brilliant." - MM Good Book Reviews

Winner of the: Literary Titan Gold Book Award, San Francisco Book Festival Award, FireBird Book Award, Purple Dragonfly Children's Book Award, Hollywood Book Festival Award, Pencraft Book Award


grydscaen: inception (Prologue)

In the epic backstory prologue to the grydscaen series, Faid Callen, founder of the Packrat hackers, is kidnapped by Lino Dejarre the newly authorized clandestine operative of the Psi Faction because he is identified as a threat to Article 15 Thought Crime Laws as a hacker and psychic subversive. At the same time, Lino's half-brother, Riuho captured by the Psi Faction is subjected to cruel experiments holding him hostage because he is psychic. As they break Riuho down to train him as a assassin, Lino is sent on a political mission to assassinate a Pacific Territories traitor encountering a hidden operative at the target the he feels he knows. Can Riuho be saved or will government and military manipulation sweep Lino into its grasp?

" dark as it gets." - Rainbow Book Reviews

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grydscaen: retribution (volume 1)

Faid escapes from the Psi Faction setting up Riuho as the interim leader of the Packrats. The SenseNet, releasing powerful subliminal messaging, attempts to control the Echelons. Faid, once more used by the military, watches on as the Packrats are caught up in a political game. Escaping, Faid lead the Packrats in a terrorist action against the City and the Psi Faction is tasked to hunt him down for his crimes that hit Lino closer than he could have ever imagined.

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grydscaen: war
(volume 2)

Lino Dejarre the Psi Faction operative becomes the Sub Viceroy on order from his father, the Emperor as the Atlantea Federation invades the City. The war escalates and Lino must go on a secret mission to stem the tide and bring the conflict back under control. Faced with danger when he infiltrates the Dionysis Air Fortress, Lino comes face to face with the enemy's lethal Jannai warriors.

"Wow, I kept wishing I could see this book turned into an HBO series. A sci-fi futuristic adventure..." - B Nelson, USA Today bestselling scifi writer

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grydscaen: alliance
(volume 3)

The cyberterrorist organization the Packrats faces an internal struggle when their leader Faid Callen the Saicho is critically wounded. The Packrat's fighting force run by Set stages a coup and sets up a deadly battle on Faid's recovery vying for leadership. Can Faid keep the clan under his control as he struggles to maintain the allegiance of the fighters?

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grydscaen: tribute
(anthology 1)

Infiltration, intrusion, attack and destroy, follow the stories of the hackers in the grydscaen series. High tech, low life, fighting to take down the government, Faid Callen and his Packrats infiltrate and attack the government and the SenseNet by any means necessary. Whose side are you on?

"...scientific and sordid... cerebral and sexual... a view of the future as frenzied as it is frightening." - US Review of Books

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grydscaen: dissonance
(anthology 2)

What are the stakes when there is no hope left? Follow the lost stories of the grydscaen series. Toshiharu the refugee fleeing from Atlantea Federation oppression. Natsuki the child soldier fighting for her freedom from the advancing Jannai hordes. And learn where Blue the Psi Faction operative got his name. Dig deeper into the world of grydscaen.

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grydscaen: insurrection
(volume 4)

The Psi Faction team is stationed on the battleship Escalon on their way to attack the Atlantea Federation homeland at Londes. Sati Ima the ace fighter pilot for the Pacific Territories fights the Streak vying for control of the air. Aerial dog fights and frantic battles are fought as the Atlantea Federation tries to keep control. Can the Psi Faction keep the Pacific Territories strategic advantage of the skies?

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grydscaen: desecration
(volume 5)

The intrigue increases as Riuho, now an Atlantea Federation operative, reemerges confronting Lino on the battleship Escalon. The Convergence comes with powerful Trance Channelers vying to control the timestream. Betrayal and danger haunt Lino as the war escalates between the Pacific Territories and the Atlantea Federation throwing Lino into tragedy that will change him in ways he is ill prepared. With the Trance Channeler Isk aligned now with Riuho, no one is safe as Lino's trials are just beginning.

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grydscaen metropolis RGB Natsukoarts cover

grydscaen: metropolis
(volume 6)

The Psi Faction returns and newly crowned Emperor, Lino, has to dive into governing. The Atlantea Federation threatens the neighboring United Municipalities and the Pacific Territories broker a deal to keep borders safe. Lino, having survived the Convergence, must use his new knowledge to guide the Pacific Territories in the timestream. The Atlantea Federation menace, Riuho, returns to take control of the Packrats. Can the Packrats survive or will Riuho kill Faid to usurp control?

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grydscaen atonement coverFIN

grydscaen: atonement
(volume 7)

Gloughster Illian, the trance channeler, makes a decision that impacts the rule of the Pacific Territories. When the Packrats are drawn into the chaos, Faid Callen must decide on revenge and violate every rule in the Packrat Code. Can Lino circumvent the destruction to the City or will his dream of peace between the Pacific Territories and the Atlantea Federation die forever?

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grydscaen: union

(volume 8)

The Psi Faction team is stationed with the 8th space fleet on the La Paz space station when the Atlantea Federation attacks the Pacific Territories colonies. Launching into action, the team must fight a nervous high pitched battle to keep the peace. A space opera for mobile frame fans.

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grydscaen: honour
(volume 9)

The La Paz space station is infiltrated by the Atlantea Federation and the Psi Faction team must fight for their lives. Lino confronts Riuho in a devastating battle that brings the grydscaen series to its climax. Will the team survive? The space opera arc winds up in grydscaen: honour.

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grydscaen: imperium

(volume 10)

The Packrats launch attacks against the subway leaving the City on edge and Lino must get control as negotiations to end the war with the Atlantea Federation occur. Can the Emperor broker a peace, stop the civil war and finally see an end to the deadly confrontation?

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grydscaen: dreams in perfect (Prelude)

In the Coming of Age prelude to the grydscaen series, petulant, quirky graphic design student, Lino Dejarre is your typical teenager. His life is friends, relationships, classes, homework and exams. But there is one problem,, he has psychic power no one knows about. A power outlawed under Elite Government's Article 15 Thought Crime Laws and frowned upon in the City. One day he receives a letter recruiting him to the military's government-run Psi Faction with its mysterious clandestine psychic operatives. Can Lino pass their psychic test to become a clandestine operative or will art school and his musician boyfriend get in the way?

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grydscaen: sheer

"[Sheer] captured the gritty truths and tough underbelly that was intrinsic to the art scene in New York City during the '90s.... combined darkness and light... that birthed artists and great art..."
- Award Winning Gallery Artist

In this contemporary Coming of Age novel, artists thrive on patronage buying and selling artwork at cost of skill, emotions, body, mind and soul. When art college student Lino Dejarre tries to help ballerina, Arthenice, get into City Company, the dark side of art rears it head. Can Lino keep the dark from eating Arthenice alive or will it take his dream for hers?

"Totally realistic view of the urban art scene. Sultry, seductive, wildly addictive... like I was at my last show."- Seattle Art Gallery 

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grydscaen: scout

A pandemic rages. The government lies and a new untested SenserNet Vaccine is killing homeless teens as the SenseNet hides drug trial data and the government turns a blind eye. grydscaen: scout is the sequel to grydscaen; dark and follows Packrat cyber terrorist, Faid Callen who tasks teenage hacker ROM to investigate a spike in mysterious deaths of homeless teens in the Echelons slums. When ROM finds clues on the gridscan that says the SenseNet purposely released a toxic drug, ROM is targeted and hackers start turning up dead as they stumble onto the truth. Can hacker leader Faid Callen help Rom before more die,? The government washed its hands , turning a blind eye claiming its just "inevitable consequences." But the hackers know better.

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Grydscaen - idol_Cover_FIN_Web

grydscaen: idol

In the Coming of Age tale, singer Hibiki Sato from the Echelons is excited to start a new school year at IHS Music College qualifying the extremely competitive idol programme which teaches aspiring musicians to be the next big Music Idol. His first day in the Idol program, he meets his teacher legendary non-binary former V-pop idol Tokiya Saiyu who made his career as a pop trailblazer. Seeing Hibiki's potential, Tokiya helps the young singer form his new band Athens and they are scouted for the Newsfeed Deux Music Showcase with a change to make their global debut as the biggest band in the world.

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grydscaen: legacy

In this cutting edge anthology, follow the hackers in the grydscaen universe through various exciting sci-fi adventures as we explore exciting scenarios in the Echelons and the City as we learn how the hackers infiltrate high tech corporations and unleash havoc on the social order in this short story anthology.

"...inventive, profound, and exciting... a must-read... in the same vein as George Orwell.." - Pacific Book Review

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