Some common questions we get and we know you want more info about. Check it out.

Pandemic "Wear a Mask" PSA Campaign

Link to natsukoarts PSA campaign materials
Save a Life. Wear a Mask.

How do we contact you?

If you have business questions or are looking to learn more about outreach materials, online panels, or upcoming releases reach out to us.

You can get in touch with Shoji at

If you are a counseling center or online youth group and want to learn more about how you can use the manga "A Storm's Coming" to help teens with self esteem, contact Shoji for more detail.

Do you do speaking events or guest blogging?

Natsuya Uesugi is available for speaking events and guest blogging on net neutrality, cyber security, hacking, privacy and creative writing. For Natsuya's articles, musings and more, check out Natsuya's blog.

Shoji is available to blog or guest post about LGBT issues, transgender identity, diversity, and POC representation in literature. Contact him if you are interested in an article on one of those topics. He will be blogging here on the Natsukoarts site with regular weekly updates on these topics and others of interest to the LGBT community.

The Natsukoarts Design Studio website features the blog series "Diverse World" which supports #ownvoices and #metoo and the series "Insight" on LGBT topics to which Shoji will be contributing.

Do you do art commissions?

Natsuya does lineart, character sheets, and ebook formatting commissions. He is not open for commissions at this time. Check back later to learn more about commissions when Natsuya becomes available next year.

Do you do writer consultations?

Natsuya is available to consult with writers about their stories and help with worldbuilding and character development. Mostly for new writers and those working on science fiction or fantasy novels. Natsuya is also available for pre-NaNoWriMo consultations. If you are interested in a consultation, contact Natsuya at

Do you have samples of Natsuya's works?

Yes, if you are interested in reading sample materials or want to get a taste of blog articles, check out the following links.


cyberpunk Rogue novella (ARC)

grydscaen: dark - chapter 1 excerpt (ARC)


Social Inequality and the Need for Education

DDOS in your Pocket

Throttling, Chaos and the End of Net Neutrality