Author Signed Limited Edition Out of Print grydscaen 1st Edition Paperbacks 

Only Available from the Author.
Only 10 copies total across all titles are available of grydscaen Limited 1st Print Edition Out of Print books.  These books come directly from the author as a special Exclusive Signed Paperback. Titles are available while supplies last. The sale may be discontinued at any time or until all supplies are gone.

All signed book purchases include a signed copy of the book plus a limited edition art print, exclusive promo Hack the Mainframe trading card, and Packrat hacker sticker or Black Holes hacker sticker.

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Only available for shipping in the contiguous Unites States and Canada. Shipping to USA and Canada only.


grydscaen: retribution

grydscaen: utopia

grydscaen: beginnings


grydscaen: war

grydscaen: alliance

grydscaen: insurrection

grydscaen: tribute

grydscaen: dissonance