Trans Women Are Super Heros – Try Walking An Hour In Her Shoes

Unless You Are A Trans Girl Don’t Tell Me Your Life is Hard. It is Not.

Trans People’s Lives Are a “Certain Type of Difficult” That Cis People Can’t Understand

Walk an Hour in A Trans Girl’s Shoes Then Come Try To Talk To Me About Privilege. Trans Girls Are Super Heroes.

Natsuya Uesugi Facebook Post on August 29, 2020

Reminder – Mark the Day:
Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20, 2020.

Next time you say your life is hard go talk to a 17 year old black trans woman with a learning disability who has to get hormones from the streets, has to depend on survival sex from down low men to feel validation she’s pretty enough cause she has low self esteem the competition just to pass as RuPaul Pose “best girly girl realness”impossible because of unrealistic media stereotypes, was disowned by her devout evangelical parents, beat up by her macho older brother, lost her fast food job because she came to work in a dress on her first week of real life dressing as her true self, got clocked on the sidewalk and stopped by a white cop for jaywalking and decided to hold it cause she was tucked and had to pee but dare not risk a public restroom, and just got denied food stamps and health care because Trump kicked her off Obamacare and one of her John’s she picked up last night gave her an STD and she is afraid to get tested for HIV and cant take prep cause she can’t afford it.
Black and Brown Trans Women are the lowest in the caste system all over the world.
You life ain’t hard. You couldn’t walk in her shoes for an hour if you crackin tried.
She is the real superhero. And every day she wakes up and walks outside her front door, if she is lucky enough to have a front door she goes off to war, the fiercest god damn Navy Seal that dares to risk her life because God damn she survive another fucking day living as her true self, her true gender, by her chosen name and pronouns even though her ID says M and a dead name she cant stand to even hear anymore.
Fuck no your life ain’t hard.
Trans men and Trans women go to war every single day in a world hostile full of mine fields, misogyny, mental and emotional abuse, marginalization, discrimination and dead naming torture. Hormones save lives. SRS gender affirming surgery can be the difference between life and death. The gender marker on an ID with the correct name can validate or lead to violence. Just the right to breathe, to pee in the correct bathroom, for a chance just to “be” who they really are.
You will never understand how important a supportive cisgender ally who just says “are you okay” or who calls you by your pronouns, uses your chosen name. Bathrooms are violence. Dead names are violence. Pronouns can be violence. A trans womans very existence can lead to violence. LGBT youth suicide and and transphobia are the number one cause of death in LGBT youth.
Trans girls, trans women are women
Trans boys, trans men are men
Your life isn’t hard.
I write gay, trans, non binary, disabled and PoC characters because the LGBT community needs more than Laverne Cox who does not represent many who look up to her. Support the Trevor Project for suicide awareness, Planned Parenthood for hormones, HRC for visibility, gay and lesbian centers for advocacy and low cost health care access.
Let BIPOV gay and trans artists write trans characters, give them access not trendy white folks monopolizing #OwnVoices spaces they will never understand chasing trends and shutting out those who live it every damn day.
White Fragility is violence. Eat your discomfort and shut your hole and just listen. That trans girl is uncomfortable every minute of her God damn life just deciding if it is even safe to go outside.
Your life isn’t hard. And it is not that trans girl’s responsibility to educate your arse on racism and priviledge.
That transgender girl’s pronouns are her super power. She is the warrior you wish you could be. Let trans teens be who they are.
You have no idea how strong she is.
She is a true queen. As trans boys are Kings.
Check yourself and your cis priviledge
Dont judge.
She is not bothering you.
Her fierce is supernova
You do not even deserve to be near her
She is a Diva.
She is a true queen.
You have no idea how strong she really is
Your life is not hard.
It never was.
Be quiet and listen
She had a whole bunch of shit to say
You would be amazed
She is the most beautiful girl in the world

Facts On Violence Again Transgender People

The following quotes and list of names are from the National Center on Transgender Equality website

The surge of violence against transgender people in the United States has passed a grim milestone. In just seven months, the number of transgender people suspected of being murdered in 2020 has surpassed the total for all of 2019.

“Transgender people – and particularly Black and Latina transgender women – are marginalized, stigmatized and criminalized in our country. They face violence every day, and they fear turning to the police for help,” said Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, deputy executive director for the National Center for Transgender Equality.
In a US Transgender Survey which included more than 28,000 respondents, nearly half (47%) of all Black respondents reported being denied equal treatment, verbally harassed, and/or physically attacked in the previous year because of being transgender.
Also in the Transgender Survey, 30% of all Latino respondents reported being denied equal treatment, verbally harassed, and/or physically attacked in the previous year because of being transgender. Nearly one in ten (9%) were physically attacked in the previous year because of being transgender. Latina transgender women (12%) and non-binary people (10%) were more likely to be physically attacked in the past year because of being transgender, compared to Latino transgender men (7%).
Nearly 57% of all respondents said that they were afraid to go to the police when they needed help. And 58% of transgender people who interacted with law enforcement reported experiences of harassment, abuse or other mistreatment.

There Were 28 Transgender People Murdered in 2020

See List of Names