Press Release: Thrilling New Science Fiction Novel Features Transgender Heroine

Thrilling New Science Fiction Novel Features Transgender Heroine

Natsuya Uesugi flexes the power and strength of LGBTQ individuals

Repost — PHOENIX (Jan. X, 2018) – Author Natsuya Uesugi has recently released his new book, “The Seer of Grace
and Fire: Book 1,” a young-adult fantasy novel depicting a fight between two divergent worlds.
A mysterious elfin woman hires 17-year-old Timorn to take her to Kannon before DarkFall, the solemn
anniversary when all the male newborns were murdered seventeen years ago. Only Timorn can lead her
there with his purple faerie eyes and make it before the evil Valkyris and her army attacks.
This coming-of-age tale features Ethesian, a strong and noble transgender female, as part of its main
plot. As Uesugi is transgender, he felt compelled to speak his truth through adding this important

“I want people to know that transgender people are just as strong, brave and beautiful as cis people,”
said Uesugi. “I want young trans people to see that they have a role model to look up to.”
The US Review of Books describes “The Seer of Grace and Fire” as “a beacon of light for readers, young
and old, with his bold statement of creating relatable characters that are not confined by society’s
perception of normalcy.”

All readers, transgender or otherwise, are sure to find excitement and inspiration in Uesugi’s latest
work, “The Seer of Grace and Fire.”

“The Seer of Grace and Fire: Book 1”
By Natsuya Uesugi
ISBN: 9781543424317 (softcover); 9781543424300 (hardcover); 9781543424324 (electronic)
Available at the Xlibris Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Natsuya Uesugi is a systems analyst and has worked in the design of aerospace, semiconductor and
financial systems with an MBA in International Management and a minor in Japanes. He is author and
illustrator of the “grydscaen” novels, manga and anime, and the yaoi novellas and manga, “graphic
noiz.” He studied animation at The Art Institute of Phoenix and created all the illustrations and cover art
for his new book, “The Seer of Grace and Fire.” He enjoys skydiving, cosplay, anime and writing poetry.

To learn more, please visit his website at

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