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Our Message

Natsukoarts Design Studio provides a web presence, online panels, and social media outreach with a positive voice promoting diversity and empowerment.

We are unique in that we supporting an author organically and do not use crowdfunding to communicate with the public.

With five counseling centers using the "A Storm's Coming" manga by Hollywood Book Festival Award and Literary Titan Gold Book Award winning author, Natsuya Uesugi to promote self esteem for troubled teens, we constantly look for new opportunities to share Natsuya's positive message.

Natsukoarts Design Studio won the Creative Conscience Award in 2018 for promoting awareness and supporting LGBT youth homelessness programs. We constantly strive to provide a positive voice, diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

In 2019 Natsuya won a cover design award for grydscaen: atonement and the yet to be published grydscaen: scout bringing grydscaen to a new manga and anime audience. With works like The Seer of Ice and Sky and the upcoming graphic noiz manga 3 getting exposure, Natsukoarts Design Studio promotes diversity and seeks to let the world know about hope and inclusion.

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  Natsuya Uesugi Manga
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Our Approach

Natsukoarts Design Studio is focused on providing stories that showcase diversity and empowerment. Themes that promote self esteem, personal discovery and finding your genuine self are front and center.

With the novels, Natsukoarts has recently branched into RPG gaming and manga to tell its stories. We listened to teens on social media to address themes such as bullying, mental health, gender identity, marginalization, and net neutrality.

Our Story

Starting in college when Natsuya was unable to find books that featured LGBT characters in positions of power, he decided to create stories himself. Natsukoarts strives to fill a void showcasing stories with LGBT characters focused more on character development and world building than romance.

Natsuya Uesugi creates the covers and main artwork for his original series, manga and the grydscaen RPG and tarot deck.

Meet the Natsukoarts Team

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studio manager, blogger, and business liaison.
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author, illustrator, and manga artist.
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