About the grydscaen Tarot Deck

The grydscaen RPG Trading Card game is a labor of love that was created to add to the cyberpunk grydscaen series. Also a full Tarot deck that can be used for Tarot readings, the cards can be used to play the grydscaen RPG Hack the Mainframe role playing game. All artwork in the main tarot deck is done by Natsuya Uesugi. Created over a six month period, the game puts cyber terrorist hackers trying to hack the Elite government mainframe against government cyber security agents tasked to stop their infiltration.

Individual trading cards and booster packs are available directly from Natsukoarts Design Studio in a few months. Promotional cards are for marketing and only available at conventions where natsukoarts is an official vendor. Visit Natsuya Uesugi's table at anime conventions to learn more about the grydscaen RPG game.

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How to Play: Rules and Guidelines

The grydscaen role playing game is a game of strategy. Collect cards and combine skills to create attack and defense postures. Design your player character's backstory and create the storyline for the game as you role play with other gamers.

Performing a Tarot Reading (excerpt from the grydscaen tarot guidebook)

Playing the grydscaen RPG game (excerpt from the grydscaen rulebook)

Major Arcana and Main Tarot Deck

The Fool

The Faid Callen Fool card highlights the leader of the cyber terrorist Packrats in all his Level 9 hacker glory. His signature flaming red hair is his calling card. Faid is the Saicho and directs the activities of the hacktivist group. Illustrated digitally done while Natsuya was in art school studying animation, this card leads the Major Arcana.

The Lovers

The Julian "Blue" Iskafiin card represents the Lovers. Blue is in love with Faid and they are mate pairs in the grydscaen series. Blue is a Psi Faction government operative who does not speak and uses his psychic power to send for all his communication. He loves motorcycles and the glam band Athens.



Sati Ima the Pacific Territories Quadrion Isshin Air Force pilot graces the Strength card. His card highlights the struggles of mental illness as he has schizoaffective disorder and must take medication daily and be screened to continue to fly. We wanted to highlight mental illnes not so much as a disease but as a challenge that can be faced to thrive and overcome.

The Sun

The Sun is an opponent card and features Zoon, the leader of the military-run Psi Faction and one of the three leaders of the Triumvirate that runs the Elite government. If you are playing as a cyber security agent, form an affiliation with Zoon early to have a shrewd negotiator on your side who has access to government resources and can stop a hacker in their tracks.


Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card features Wraith, the Psi Faction operative and drug dealer in the series. Wraith is an operator and plays on the hearts and minds of those that use his services. Wheel of Fortune is a fate card that affects the cards around it in a Tarot reading.

7 of Coins

The Jester hacker card from the Coins Suit marks the second hacker character that you can partner with in the game by forming an affiliation and stealing data, encryption keys and IDs during game play. Jester is the eccentric, gothic aristocrat leader of the Jester Hacker Guild and the main character in grydscaen: dark.


Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands card is the penultimate card in the Wands suit. Featuring Omnibus Darklight the virtual reality game avatar from the gridscan game Darklight, players jack in and fight in a virtual game grid. Watch your back! The virtual game is illegal and deadly.  Tournaments are banned by the government. Use this card to gain reputation tokens in the game.

9 of Swords

The Swords suit are Trap cards that can be used by the cyber security agents in the game to stop the hackers. The 9 of Swords card enables a cyber security agent to raid the hacker right as he is trying to steal government data. Use this card on your turn to steal virus tokens from the hacker.


Queen of Cups

The Cups suit includes the Attack cards hackers can use to attack the government. Gather hacker skills by collecting Cups cards from the GoTo pile on your turn. Add up your points to attack your opponent. The Queen of Cups card features Rom the Level 9 hacker as he zips the Newsfeed from the roof sending nonsense graphics and taking over the feed so he can broadcast his subversive podcast Packrat Underground.

10 of Wands

The Wands suit are skill cards that the hacker player in the game can use to enhance Cups attack cards and increase points. Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? The Preloading card got you covered. Use this and other Social Engineering cards for role play with your main role playing character.


The World

Featuring the Level 9 hacker Rom, use the World card to forge affiliations with other hackers in the game and create alliances to take down the government cyber security agents. This card allows you an extra affiliation that can be useful as you role play your main character in the game.

Game Rules and Stats

The grydscaen RPG trading cards include stats you use to gain points as you win cards during game play.

Stats and Rules

The four card stats are: Intrusion, Social Engineering, Network and Hardware. Each card has stat points for that character, skill, or action. Player cards have 4 stats and helper cards have 2. Combine card points to attack your opponent on your turn. Cards and skill stats can be combined to perform more complex attacks and threat mitigation strategies. There is no limit to how complex an attack combination can be, it is all up to your imagination and depth of role play.

Game Tokens

The grydscaen game is a 2-4 player strategy role playing game which uses tokens and dice to enhance game play as you pull cards on your turn gaining skills and items you can use to infiltrate or defend. Tokens like Risk and Mitigate can be used to stop hackers, where the Virus and Script Kiddie tokens can be used in hacker attacks.

Game Mechanics

Using skills cards you attack while outlining your main player character's role in the role play. Card stats and tokens are used to enhance attacks based on card rules and status. Play as the hacker and attack the Elite government mainframe, or play as the cybersecurity analyst and execute threat mitigation to subvert the attacks. Fast paced play with multiple ways to win.

Promotional Hacker Cards

The Hacker cards are the main hackers from the novel grydscaen: dark. Stats on the back of cards show skill strength. If the hacker, partner with a hacker during game play to enhance your attacks.

Promotional cards are for marketing and only available at conventions where natsukoarts is vending.


The leader of the Jester Hacker Guild, Jester is the insane blackhat hacker who infiltrates streetlights, government systems, hacks into cars and the stock market. He is a criminal of one of the most malicious hacker guilds in the Pacific Territories. Play Jester if you want a touch of chaos, schizophrenia, and righteous indignation in your role play.



Jazz is the techno fetish, straight edge leader of The Soul Deep jet jockey underground and has one of the best trailing jock rigs in the business that can infiltrate any system. Jazz is an informant to the Psi Faction and plays both sides. Play Jazz to be privy to government secrets and use them against your cyber security opponent.


Faid Callen

Faid is the high-end host of George Shimazuri, a corporate board member of the SenseNet. He is leader of the Packrat cyberterrorist hackers and doesn't play around in bed or trolling corporate clients George orders him to attack. Play Faid if you are the hacker attacking the SenseNet thwarting government cyber security. Or, play both sides with Faid if you want to obscure your strategy and go in for the kill.



Rom is the 16 year old elite Level 9 hacker who is homeless and attacked the stock market on Jester's command. Play Rom to make affiliations with other solo hackers who seldom work together. The Rom card allows you to pull extra virus tokens and make hacker teams to attack the Corporation and the government.


Raven Allen

Raven is a clandestine operative and hacker for the Elite government working out of the Psi Faction. He was arrested for hacking into the Pacific Territories' military and sentenced to work for the government as his punishment. Partner with Raven for access to a plethora of hacker tools if you are playing the cyber security opponent.


Lino Dejarre (Operative)

Lino is Emperor but also a clandestine psychic operative of the Psi Faction. Play Lino as an operative if you want access to intel on Jester, Jazz or Faid and are the hacker in the role play. Lino can get you into places hackers can't go, so ally yourself with him if you mean business.


Lino Dejarre (Politics)

Lino is the Emperor of the Pacific Territories and plays a shrewd political game in Parliament. Gain intel on government targets and carry out political assassinations of Atlantea Federation enemies. Play Lino (Politics) if you are working with Zoon of the Triumvirate as a cyber security operative protecting against the hackers.


Julian "Blue" Iskafiin

Blue, the 16 year old, decorated martial arts assassin from the Psi Faction working for the Pacific Territories military. As a chameleon, he is deployed to kill enemies by any means necessary. If you are playing the cyber security opponent, partner with Blue to gang up and spook the hacker to reveal his attacks and turn over his malware payload.


Promotional Affiliate Cards

The Affiliate cards highlight secondary characters in the grydscaen story. Making deals and gaining intel from hackers, the affiliate characters help your cause.

Promotional cards are for marketing and only available at conventions where natsukoarts is vending.

Iin (Trance Channeler)

Iin, a transgender girl and Rom's friend, used to be homeless until Rom brought her to the Packrats who gave her psi conditioning. She is the voice of the Packrats in the timestream and she can see the future. If the hacker, use Iin's psychic power to foretell when the government will raid or launch an attack. Thwart their infiltration with pre-knowledge of their strategy and save the day gaining reputation tokens.


Naito (Packrat Strategist)

Naito Sennish is the leader of the Packrat Wastes. He is militant, a sex fiend and plans terrorist bombing raids against government establishments. Naito is bisexual and will sleep with anything one that walks as long as they are hot. If the hacker, partner with Naito on a bombing raid and if successful, gain reputation tokens.


Wraith (Black Market)

Wraith is your ultimate source in the underground Black Market. He can get you anything you want: illicit drugs, hacker scripts, tech, ware, credits, iodine pills, body parts, stolen documents, a hit to silence your enemy, you name it. If the hacker, partner with Wraith to be in the know and get some nice new scripts you can use to attack the government, all you have to do is ask nice and pay the Black Market price.


Sati Ima (Psychic Assassin)

Sati is a Psi Faction clandestine psychic operative and mobile frame pilot who goes on dangerous missions to assassinate Atlantea Federation political targets. Send Sati after rogue operatives. If you are playing the cybersecurity operative, partner with Sati to add a physical aspect to your threat mitigation techniques. Or if playing the hacker, get on Sati's good side to gather military intelligence and Top Secret data.


Riuho Dejarre (Destruction)

Riuho is a terrorist plain and simple. With a passion to destroy his elder brother Lino, Riuho will do anything to sabotage the Pacific Territories. Joining the Atlantea Federation as a clandestine operative, partner with Riuho is you want to cause devastation and destroy everything in your path in order to complete your mission. But be careful, Riuho is not trustworthy. Watch your back if you partner with him.


Promotional Cybersecurity Cards

The cybersecurity cards are the government cybersecurity players in the game. They can be partnered with the six main cybersecurity player cards to create affiliations in the game. The objective of the cybersecurity opponent is to make affiliations and not let the hacker player know who you are affiliating with in the game. If you can keep that secret, you can play masterfully your threat mitigation strategy to win.

Promotional cards are for marketing and only available at conventions where natsukoarts is vending.

Zoon (Elite Strategist)

Zoon runs the Psi Faction, a counterterrorist group that hunts down terrorists and mitigates their attacks. Lead member of the Triumvirate which runs the Elite government, her operatives are lethal. The two psychic assassins Sati Ima and Blue trigger on her command and she has been known to make grown men cry with her biting sarcasm and devastating charm. If you are the cybersecurity operative, partner with Zoon for a plethora of military tools and resources.

ZOON - Cybersecurity_Front-BIG

Titch (Technician)

Titch is Senior Airman in the Pacific Territories Air Force. Originally from the Juniper colony he was stationed on the battleship Escalon and then on the La Paz Space Station as a mobile frame technician. He is always in the hangar servicing aircraft which he does with a genius flair and award winning technical skill. Partners with Titch if you are the cybersecurity operative for military intel on terrorists targets from the Atlantea Federation.

TITCH - Cybersecurity_Front-BIG

Gailen Allred (Black Ops)

Gailen is the decorated operational leader and Lieutenant Colonel of the Psi Faction who answers only to Zoon. He is a shrewd planner, military strategist with hackers Raven Allen and psycic assassins Sati and Blue at his disposal. Partner with Gailen if you want to ensure your threat mitigation strategy is successful and that you can root out the source of the risk.


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