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grydscaen: psycho dive 1 manga

Infiltration, government control, social engineering, and smuggling fill this sci-fi manga graphic novel.

Author Natsuya Uesugi leads us into a post-apocalyptic, gritty future where the Newsfeed is always on, there are book burnings in the street, and thought crime gets you arrested. When Packrat hacker leader Faid Callen discovers a conspiracy threatening to rip society apart at the seams, teenage hacker ROM is sent to investigate, infiltrating SenseNet discovering a web of thought crimes.

The very city could be destroyed as this riveting manga plays out in a new, anti-government world as hackers and targeted psychics fight for redemption of society. Fans of the Hollywood Book Festival award-winning novel, grydscaen: dark that Literary Titan calls "a modern day Blade Runner" will love this story of the psychic revolution that delves deep into the hacker underbelly in this fast-paced, cutting-edge illustrated cyber thriller.

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grydscaen: scout manga 1

Genre: SF, Cyberpunk, Shonen

Mini Manga. A new story birthed from the scout plot that takes place in the immersive breadth of the grydsacen world. A pandemic rages in the Echelons and homeless teens are mysteriously dying in high numbers with autopsies finding strange chemicals in their blood. When the former leader of the Packrat hackers finds data about the SenseNet, he asks the homeless teen hacker Rom to investigate.

Behind the Scenes - Creating grydscaen: scout mini manga
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grydscaen: scout manga 2

Genre: SF, Cyberpunk, Shonen

Mini Manga. Continue on the journey in grydscaen: scout with hacker Rom and the Packrats hackers as they dig deeper into the conspiracy surrounding the new iodine 5 drug and the reclusive insane hacker AYOR known as the the voice of the black market.

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graphic noiz 3

Genre: BL, Soft Yaoi
Teacher Edition: YA BL

Noiz (Wolf Tadashi Begay) is anxious as he gets involved in the New York City manga artist community who teases him calling him "Gaijin." The community says he is not "Japanese enough" to be a mangaka while New Yorker's say he doesn't "act Black enough." Having grown up in Japan and on the Reservation after his parents died, his childhood trauma causes Noiz to doubt himself and his talents going on a journey of self-discovery as he navigates being an artist, coming out as gay, and being Hafu (half Japanese and half Native American). He finds he doesn't seem to fit in anywhere. Turning to Shiro Ijima, the famous Japanese SF writer who initially insults him, the aloof writer uses his own sordid past as a mangaka who was abused by his narcissistic mentor to help Noiz accept that being different does mean inferior but unique.

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graphic noiz 1

Genre: BL, Yaoi

Noiz is a 19 year old manga artist just graduated from art school. Going to his first Comic Convention with his original manga Disaster Code he gets discouraged as no one stops by his table. When bestselling author Shiro Ijima stops by and sees his art, a cat and mouse game with Shiro's agent Keita starts as Shiro wants to use Noiz to illustrate a manga version of his bestselling scifi Fissure novel. Shiro flirts with Noiz and one thing leads to another in this yaoi tale.

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graphic noiz 2

Genre: BL, Yaoi

Noiz and Shiro Ijima are working on the Fissure manga and have been working diligently to get the manga created. They have been dancing around each other since the work started. Shiro is jerking Noiz around and using him for his own games. Noiz hangs on his every word trying to keep Shiro engaged. Can their relationship survive as they work on the manga.

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A Storms Coming Amazon Manga Cover small

A Storm's Coming
outreach version

Genre: SF, Urban

Rom is a homeless teen living on the streets. His life is full with dumpster diving, panhandling, sleeping in the subway and trying to stay alive on the harsh streets of the Echelons. Targeted by a psychic killer, Rom must rely on Zone Police officer Xander Storm to keep him alive as the killer stalks him in the Red Light District.

This version is used with the Teen Outreach Self-Esteem Project

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A Storms Coming Mini Manga New Cover

A Storm's Coming
one shot

Genre: SF, Urban

Rom is a homeless teen living on the streets in the Red Light District.  As the sun sets curfew kicks in for the night. Can Rom survive the evening without getting caught by the Zone Police?

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grydscaen 1
graphic novel

Genre: SF, Cyberpunk (Limited Edition)

The full colour grydscaen graphic novel features a retelling of the story of the hackers from grydscaen: beginnings. Fully illustrated the adventure follows part 1 with Packrat hackers Faid Callen of the Runners faction and Acolyte from the Acolyte faction in this first of four volumes in this limited edition comic-inspired graphic novel series.

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