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Shoji here with a little treat. Natsukoarts Design Studio has agreed by popular demand to host the grydscaen: darkness web series a free online series that features the characters from the cyberpunk novel grydscaen: dark by Natsuya Uesugi and takes place after grydscaen: dark ends. An intrigue laden gritty, techno thriller that feeds you deep tech driven cyberpunk to the fullest. Episodes are added to this blog post weekly and the entire series will be published as an indie ebook on Amazon once finished. Enjoy.

grydscaen: darkness series summary

A killer is stalking the Echelons going after hackers. Who is behind it? When the hacker Kaizen the Immaculate resurfaces, all bets are off. Faid is intrigued and thinks that the stock market hack Jester executed is why Kaizen who was silent for years has returned. When Kaizen vanished after a monumentall government hack that took down the City mainframe for a week, hackers started being killed just as Kaizen vanished. The government did not go after the killer thinking he could help them with their subversive  hacker problem. Then one day, the killing just stopped. Ten years later after Jester crashed the stock market sending the Echelons economy into freefall, the government once more needs protection and ZenZen head of the Corporation hires Kaizen to keep the hackers out. When AYOR the underground hacker with his hands in everything goes offline triggered by a visit from the government cyber security operative Raven, the killing starts all over again with AYOR as the first target. Faid gets involved roping in Jazz and Jester. When Rom is targeted, a cat and mouse game unravels. Can Faid figure out the ruse before Rom is murdered. Find out in the free online cyberpunk web series grydscaen: darkness.

“Can’t put it down. You got to read this!” – Tech Junkie Otaku Club

“Pure tech abandon” – TechnoFetish Cyberpunk Forum

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