Natsukoarts Outreach


Natsukoarts Design Sutudio supports various Youth Outreach efforts working alongside Natsuya Uesugi. WIth Shoji’s contacts in socil media and homeless teen circles, the Outreach program was originally started in New York City where the mental health needs of homeless youth has beecome staggering. In 2019, Natsukoarts started developing a strategy to design and expanded our services, We are currently working with multiple New York, California and  Arizona counseling centers, as well as online support forums to provide self-esteem training, tools and literature to provide a voice to overlooked, troubled, non-binary, LGBT, at risk and homeless teens.

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Outreach Programs

Natsukoarts Outreach supports four programs that utilize mentorship  working with counselinng centers in urban areas. The programs utilize Natsuya Uesugi’s works. Natsukoarts designed workbooks and guides to accompany the books in support of these programs including:

  • Manga Project for Teen Self Esteem
  • Radicallly Athentic Street Advocacy

Program Materials:

  • A Storm’s Coming Manga (Outreach Version)
  • A Storm’ Coming Comic (One Shot)
  • graphic noiz manga (volume 1 – 3)

Teen Self-Esteem Manga Project

The Manga Project for LGBT Youth Self-Esteen provides copies of the original manga  assets and  the related A Storm’s Coming anime series. The program provides these assets to  counseling serrvices which focused on Youth at Risk, transgender and LGBT youth who come to the centers struggling with self-esteem, self-worth, hope and trust. The manga provides opportunities to use the stories of graphic noiz and A Storm’s Coming which focus on overcoming adversity, self-acceptance and growing  life skills to deal with diificult emotions.

Radically Authentic Street Advocacy

The Radically Aythentic Street Advocacy supports homeless youth predominantly which have mental health issues and are struggling with LGBT issues, coming  out and being their genuine self. Homeless youth have particulary acute issues especaily when it comes to mental health. The Radically Authentic Street Advocacy provides the opportunity to use Natsuya’s A Storm’s Coming manga and graphic noiz manga to showcase stories of hope, resilience, and overcoming adversity. The Street Advocacy program has recently expanded its outreach through visits to teen homeless shelters and provides free socks to youth in need.