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Natsukoarts Design Studio supports various Youth Outreach efforts working alongside Natsuya Uesugi. WIth Shoji’s contacts in social media and homeless teen support circles, the Outreach program was originally started in New York City where the mental health needs of homeless youth is staggering. In 2019, Natsukoarts developed a strategy to design and expanded teen support services, We are currently working with multiple New York, California and  Arizona counseling centers, as well as online support forums to provide self-esteem training, tools and literature to provide a voice to overlooked, troubled, non-binary, gay and trans at risk and homeless teens.

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Outreach Programs

Natsukoarts Outreach supports four mentorship programs working with counseling centers in at risk urban areas. The programs utilizes Natsuya Uesugi’s works and Natsukoarts designed workbooks and self-help guides to accompany the books in support of these programs. Two of the programs are:

  • Manga Project for Teen Self Esteem
  • Radically Authentic Street Advocacy

Program Materials:

  • A Storm’s Coming Manga (Outreach Version)
  • A Storm’ Coming Comic (One Shot)
  • graphic noiz manga (volume 1 – 3)
  • John the Harbinger – click here to purchase book

Teen Self-Esteem Manga Project

The Manga Project for LGBT Youth Self-Esteem provides copies of original manga  assets partnered with the A Storm’s Coming anime series. The program provides these assets to  counseling centers focused on at risk, transgender and LGBT youth who come to the centers struggling with self-esteem, self-worth, hope and trust issue. The manga provides opportunities for counselors and support personnel to use the stories of graphic noiz and A Storm’s Coming that focus on overcoming adversity, self-acceptance and growing  life skills to help teens deal with difficult emotions.

Radically Authentic Street Advocacy

The Radically Authentic Street Advocacy supports homeless youth predominantly with mental health and struggling with LGBT issues, coming  out and being their genuine self. Homeless youth have particularly acute and complex issues related to identity when it comes to mental health. The Radically Authentic Street Advocacy provides the opportunity to use Natsuya’s A Storm’s Coming manga, the study guide John the Harbinger, and the graphic noiz manga to showcase stories of hope, resilience, and overcoming adversity. The Street Advocacy program has recently expanded its outreach through visits to teen homeless shelters and provides free meals, group self-esteem talk therapy session, and free socks for youth in need at homeless shelters.

Outreach Projects

Natsukoarts supports the following programs in partnership wtih Natsuya Uesugi to foster visibility and awareness for key social causes hoping to advance the discussion, constructive dialogue and foster partnership, equality and social change.

Face Masks for Covid-19 Relief

All royalties from the upcoming release of the new SF fantasy light novel “Spirit Warrior Online” will go towards providing Covid-19 support which is critically impacting Arizona. Funds from royalties will go toward support and providing surgical face masks for tribal citizens. Being Mixed race with an Indigenous heritage, I decided to write  “Spirit Warrior Online” to showcase the rich and varied Indigenous spirituality, beliefs and  Two Spirit culture.

Face Masks available in Natsukoarts Chibi Vampire Face Masks Collection.

#BlackTransLivesMatter & Trans Women of Colour

The graphic noiz series features the character Jade Ijima, a Japanese transwoman who is a hardresser and artist in the Fashion Design community in New York City. The character IIn in the science fiction grydsacen series is a homeless trans woman who has to navigate life on the streets. By writing transwomen and through support and bringing visibility to the high levels of violence transwomen are subjected to, Natsukoarts donates yearly to LGBT transgender causes to advance the need for equality, safety, and inclusion bringing visibility to specific challenges the trans community faces. Natsukoarts donates to The Center in New York City and The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, and also works locally with LGBT counseling services that support trans teens in coming out, navigating transition and promoting safe spaces and gener affirming bathroom access for students in high schools.

Bringing LGBT Teen Suicide Out of the Shadows

Understanding the unique needs of LGBTQ teens and bringing visibility to cyberbullying and suicide prevention is front and center as a topic in the fantasy trilogy The Seer of Grace and Fire by atsuya Uesugi. the story features lead heroine and transgender teenager Ethesian and her twin brother Timorn. It is an epic quest tale featuring a heroine coming to terms with her own identity and follows her struggles. The book has been lauded in Professional Reviews for daring to showcase a non binary heroine who transcends the gender binary and excels in as a magic user and musician. For high schools reading clubs interested in copies of The Seer of Grace and Fire trilogy who want to read a YA book for LGBT education and Pride Month, contact Shoji to learn how to get free copies donated to your school reading programs for LGBT and Ally clubs. See Shoji’s email listed above on this page for more details.

Need Help? National Suicide Prevention Line Hotline USA:  800-273-9255