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Dark Fantasy



The Alchemist's Ranger

The ranger Timorn encounters a strange noble in Fallow who hires him to find an alchemy tool. He finds a mystery that reveals something he never dreamed. The prequel to The Seer of Grace and Fire trilogy.

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The Seer of Grace and Fire

Book 1 of The Seer of Grace and Fire fantasy trilogy. Timorn, hired to take an elf to Kannon, a mysterious prophesy reveals his fate. They arrive in faerie to find the evil Valkyris's mage Dalannin trying to destroy faerie.

"Enthralling. This YA novel has the right amount of action, adventure, mystery." - Pacific Book Review

"Uesugi creates a beacon of light for readers, young and old." - The US Review of Books

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The Seer of Ice And Sky

Book 2 of The Seer of Grace and Fire fantasy trilogy. The evil Dalannin travels to the dragons to form a pact which threatens faeries and elves. Will Seih the half-dragon captain help Timorn to fight the Valkyris or will the dragon king kill Timorn and his faerie twin Etheisan.

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In Development 2021

The Seer of Flesh and Death

The Valkyris directly attacks Kannon. When Dalannin the dark mage wields a clandestine magic taking matters in his own hands, Timorn takes the battle directly to the Valkyris' doorstep and Ethesian is faced with a bitter darkness.

Releasing 2021