2021 New Releases

Check out the new manga and novel releases from Natsuya Uesugi in 2021.

Coming Summer 2021

grydscaen scout: remnant manga V2

mini manga | comic | 28 pages
genre: YA | Science Fiction | Thriller | Cyberpunk
Ages: YA Teen “PG” (References: Drinking, Pharmaceuticals, Terrorism, Hacking)

grydscaen: scout: remnant 2 blurb

Blurb coming 5 July 2021.
Release Date ebook: 8 July 2021.

Coming Winter 2021

Coming Releases for Fall – Winter 2021

Spirit Warrior Online

Light Novel
Genre: YA | contemporary urban | paranormal | isegaki
Ages: YA Teen “G”

Spirit Warrior Online blurb

Shy teenager, Noiz who just turned 16 is depressed after his parents are killed in a car crash in Tokyo, Japan. His mother Japanese and his father mixed Indigenous and Black from the Navajo Nation, he always felt like an outsider in Japan with his bronze skin and kinky dreadlocks. Forced to move in with his aunt when his parents died after his Japanese family disowned his mother for marrying  a Black man, Noiz is forced to relocate from Tokyo, Japan to rural Arizona in the United States to live on the reservation in Ship Rock in the Navajo Nation.

As the outsider new kid at the Navajo Indian high school he faces a culture he doesn’t understand bullied by the popular kids who label him an “outsider” and   “government colonial.” Noiz  hears rumors of a mysterious online game popular with his classmates called Spirit Warrior System Tenkai which is rumored was created by the Shinigami Navajo God of Peaceful Death, Nayan Watson Sensei the elder Navajo Twin Warrior God the legendary god who slayed many monsters. When Noiz learns the new awkward quirky exchange student, Nao Kami is a psychic Sentouki warrior in the Spirit Warrior, he learns the game was created to protect Navajo tribal elders from demons threatening to destroy tribal lands.

Nao is sent by Nayan to reveal Noiz is a Destined Sacrifice, a player in Spirit Warrior like his father. As he gets enmeshed in the game, he encounters murderous demons, hungry ghosts and cute nature spirit tasked to protect him.  If you liked the anime Sword Art Online and the movie Ready Player One, you’ll love Spirit Warrior Oline, a paranormal supernatural action adventure light novel as Nao and Noiz use psychic magic magic fight to save the tribal elders and protect the sacred ancestral land of the Navajo.

Story based on Navajo spirituality. 
Tentative Release Date: Summer 2021

Available Now 2021

grydscaen scout: remnant manga V1

mini manga | comic | 24 pages
genre: YA | Science Fiction | Thriller | Cyberpunk
Ages: YA Teen “PG” (References: Death, Smoking, Terrorism, Hacking)

grydscaen: scout: remnant blurb

grydscaen: scout manga is a new original story that takes place within the storyline and plot of Natsuya Uesugi’s latest novel grydscaen: scout featuring teenage Level 9 homeless hacker Rom,  the voice of the anti-government rebellion with his radio show Packrat Underground. As the radiation sickness pandemic rages in the Echelons, homeless teens are dying on the streets by the thousands. As the results of Zone Police autopsies find a cocktail of toxic chemical in the deceased teens bloodstream and rumons the government is experimenting on “blanks” considered the most vulnerable, psychic neurocyne-addicted Wastes and marginalized homeless psychics, the former leader and Saicho of the Packrat hackers tasks ROM to find the truth.

Uncovering a conspiracy at the highest levels of power in the Parliament and the Corporate Board of the high tech mega bio-pharmaceutical conglomerate, the SenseNet, Faid and Rom are immersed in a conspiracy of epic proportions that could destroy the fragile eco-system in the Echelons and sentence marginalized psychics to orchestrated genocide sanctioned by the  Triumvirate who wield control over the powerful Elite government that rules over the pristine utopian City, the impoverished Echelons slums and the devestation of the Zone.
grydscaen: scout remnant – 2nd Edition: Released: 23 January, 2021

graphic noiz 3 manga  

Full length manga | graphic novel | 136 pages
genre: YA | Contemporary | LGBT | BL | Yaoi | Coming of Age
Trigger Warning: Smoking, Bullying, Cursing | Sex (Yaoi version only )

graphic noiz 3 Blurb

Noiz (Wolf Tadashi Begay) is anxious as he gets involved in the New York City manga artist community who teases him calling him “Gaijin.” The community says he is not “Japanese enough” to be a mangaka while New Yorker’s say he doesn’t “act Black enough.” Having grown up in Japan and on the Reservation after his parents died, his childhood trauma causes Noiz to doubt himself and his talents going on a journey of self-discovery as he navigates being an artist, coming out as gay, and being Hafu (half Japanese and half Native American). He finds he doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. Turning to Shiro Ijima, the famous Japanese SF writer who initially insults him, the aloof writer uses his own sordid past as a mangaka who was abused by his narcissistic mentor to help Noiz accept that being different does mean inferior but unique.
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1st Edition: graphic noiz YA “PG-13” Yaoi 1st Edition | January 1, 2021
3rd Edition: graphic noiz YA “G” Teacher Edition | January  9, 2021
Languages Yaoi: FR, JP |  Winter 2022
Languages Yaoi: SP, IT, DE | Spring 2022