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With the manga "A Storm's Coming" being used by five counseling centers to promote self esteem amongst troubled teens, we branched out into anime to provide a glimpse of the main character Rom, a homeless teen, interacting and telling the story in the manga. Used at the counseling centers to introduce the story we are greenlighted for episode 2. We look forward to providing the entire five episode short story for you in animated form.

grydscaen: a storm's coming anime - Episode 1 (Pilot)

Zone Police officer, Xander Storm encounters the homeless teen hacker, Rom after the government erased his memory and threw him out on the streets. Unable to remember his name, he is known only as Rom on the streets short for "Read Only Memory" because he can't remember his past. Trailer for 1st episode in the 5-part series looking at police and homeless youth on the streets.

grydscaen: rogue anime trailer - Episode 1

When Rom starts having flashbacks and gets hints of his past, the government comes after him. Fearing for his life, Rom reaches out to the blackhat hacker Jester from the Jester Hacker Guild to access the gridscan to look into his past and learn more about why the government wiped his memory and learn who is the mystery girl who is calling out to him in his dreams. First episode in the mini anime series.

grydscaen: scout anime trailer - Episode 1 (Pilot)

Faid Callen leader of the Packrat hackers orders Rom to infiltrate the gridscan and find intel on a new anti-radiation vaccine that has been killing homeless teens mysteriously in the Echelon. Rumored that the government is involved, the Packrats are determined to hold the government accountable and reveal the truth. Adapted from "grydscaen: scout" manga based on the YA thriller "grydscaen: scout."


grydscaen: scout manga 2 Mini Teaser Trailers

Mini trailers for grydscaen: scout web anime series and web manga

Faid CallenĀ  Packrat hacker leader short.

ROM Packrat Underground hacktivist anarchy short