A Storm's Coming Anime Shorts

With the manga "A Storm's Coming" being used by five counseling centers to promote self esteem amongst troubled teens, we branched out into anime to provide a glimpse of the main character Rom, a homeless teen, interacting and telling the story in the manga. Used at the counseling centers to introduce the story we are greenlighted for episode 3. We look forward to providing the entire five episode short story for you in animated form.

A Storm's Coming Episode 1 trailer

Rom is a young homeless teen living on the streets of the Echelons panhandling, dumpster diving and sleeping in the subway. Can he survive on the mean streets of the Red Light District in the Echelons.

A Storm's Coming Episode 2 trailer

A psychic killer is on the loose in the Echelons who targets Rom due to his friendship with the Zone Police officer Xander Storm. Can he survive this first encounter with the killer.

A Storm's Coming Episode 3 trailer

Xander Storm, the Zone Police officer, goes to the Shizuoko ghetto looking for clues about the psychic killer. Confronting Rom in an abandoned building, Xander comes face to face with the murderer with Rom in his sights.

Rogue Episode 1 trailer

When the government comes after Rom, he reaches out to Jester the blackhat hacker to learn more about his past after the government wiped his memory.