5 Stars. Grydscaen: Dark by Natasuya Uesugi reads almost like a confession of part of the author’s life….  A world that reminded me of William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Foremost is the rise of the coding underworld and how coding somehow became a new religion… Grydscaen: Dark is a compelling cyberpunk fantasy reminiscent of the old film noir movies, but with a heavy tech and dark future elements of Total Recall or Blade Runner.

                        –  from grydscaen: dark  Literary Titan Gold Book Award Review 

Grydscaen: Tribute, a short story anthology that builds upon the gritty society and develops the characters… in slice-of-life, episodic chapters… immerse yourself in the City, the Echelons and the Zones of Uesugi’s imagination thanks to the author’s consistency of visual style and themes that I found striking… The characters for the most part, are sympathetic, conflicted, and cool in their own way… If you love postmodern cyberpunk with the artsy manga-esque edgy visual style, you’ll probably be hooked into Grydscaen in no time.”

– scifi website on grydscaen: tribute Fantascize.com

“This is the fourth installment of Natsuya Uesugi’s grydscaen series, a grande scale cyberpunk-nuanced saga set in a post apocalyptic future… there is an undeniable coolness about this story. The cyberpunk setting is exotic and edgy, and the central characters are three-dimensional and decidedly non-stereotypical… the series shows more than a little potential… the novel is ultimately entertaining.”

– on grydscaen: war, BlueInk Reviews

This episodic novel jumps right into the action some time in the future as an underground rebel force with psychic powers called the Packrats uses guerilla warfare against an established military, the Psi Faction, comprised of soldiers who also have psychic powers.

– on grydscaen: retribution, BlueInk Reviews

An anime-esque novel set in a dystopian world, with psychics and nanotechnology… Uesugi’s [heroes] are certainly powerful and courageous.

– on grydscaen: beginnings, Kirkus Reviews

The author provides a recap of events that took place prior to this book… which is extremely useful… exotic settings and characters…

– on grydscaen: utopia, BlueInk Reviews

…Networks, computers, and all things digital make up this author’s futuristic view of the universe to come… The tales in this book bring to mind Philip K. Dick [Blade Runner] and Wachowski Brothers [The Matrix] movies. They are scientific and sordid… Their lure is both cerebral and sexual. They offer a view of the future as frenzied as it is frightening…. Uesugi’s prose is clipped and crisp… The landscape he creates is claustrophobic, dark, menacing, and fraught with peril…

– on grydscaen: tribute, US Review of Books

“Natsuya Uesugi’s grydscaen series is inventive, profound, and exciting, and is a must-read for science fiction literature fans. The story is in the same vein of dystopian fiction works by such authors as George Orwell…. Grydscaen delivers a thrilling mix of unbelievably diverse characters and plots… Uesugi imagines incredible and enthralling sci-fi scenarios… all of which would impress any science fiction fan.”

-on grydscaen: tribute, Pacific Book Review

“This is the first book I read of the series. The author comments on mental illness and post traumatic stress in the military while focusing on the strategic nature of war and keeping you on the edge of your seat. The aerial combat scenes felt so real. I was hooked from the first page.”

-on grydscaen: insurrection, Reader Review

“Was hooked on the concept the minute i saw it. The family dynamic and play between Jade, Julia and the writer Shiro is fascinating. The depth taken to show Shiro Ijima’s emotions drew me in. An arrogant writer with a hard exterior who really is fragile on the inside. Can’t wait to read the next book.”

-on graphic noiz: book 3, Reader Review

“grydscaen is an ambitious and creative project, a multi-book saga encompassing elements of Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Shadowrun and the Divergent series, all with a gender-bending twist… In short, grydscaen is big….”

– on grydscaen: beginnings, Professional Hollywood Screenwriter

“graphic noiz manga is sweet Boy’s Love. I saw it on the Top 10 Bestseller list which caught my attention. The innocence of the artist Noiz plays great against the writer Shiro’s drama. The dialogue compliments the expressive artwork. Surprised to see a known writer illustrating his own story. So talented. Makes it unique. Anticipating volume 2.

– on graphic noiz manga, Yaoi Manga Fan

“Uesugi’s work… combines influences from anime, popular culture and authors like Heinlein, Huxley and Asimov into something entirely new and original. Natsuya’s work is edgy… and the author dares to tackle LGBTQIA themes.”

– on grydscaen: tribute, Scifi Reader

“graphic noiz 4 is pure roller coaster drama at its best. The writer Shiro’s emotional damage drives the story spiraling straight to climax. Uesugi tackles lust and manipulation with a subtle choice of words. He tastefully pens gay sex and handles sensitive LGBT topics such as HIV, hate crimes, bisexuality and the whole transgender bathroom debate. Noiz, the amateur manga artist has to fight for his love from the very beginning. I couldn’t put it down.”

– on graphic noiz 4, Queer Romance Reader

“…a right-of-passage tale… Uesugi adds elements to it that are unpredictable and refreshing to see in the genre. Uesugi creates a beacon of light for readers….”

– on The Seer of Grace and Fire, US Review of Books

“Uesugi does a great job at developing characters the reader can connect with… This is a great book… Those who have been reading the genre for years will be entertained with the series….”

– on The Seer of Grace and Fire, Pacific Book Review

“Uesugi has honed in on something critical here by having Noiz be half Japanese and half Native American. Many an uncertain kid finds knowledge, support and confidence through diversity in books. I am a librarian and truly treasure any reading material that contributes to this. Uesugi should be proud….”

– on graphic noiz manga 2, Librarian

“Natsuya Uesugi’s cyberpunk thriller really brought technology to life. The government’s oppression of freedoms is timely with Net Neutrality in the news. grydscaen gets in deep and keeps you rooting for the hackers.”

– on grydscaen: tribute, Cyberpunk Forum Admin

“grydscaen: dark shows a view into hacker culture we rarely see in cyberpunk. Bringing current events front and center: politics, government, corporate greed all mixed up with psychic powers, fast storytelling and vivid scenes, Natsuya Uesugi hits it furious and real. A strong new addition to the grydscaen series.

– on grydscaen: dark, Cyber Security Manager

“Check it. Read it. Right. grydscaen: dark gets it done. You can tell Natsuya Uesugi knows his tech.

– on grydscaen: dark, Cyber Security Expert

“… plenty of mystery, suspense and edge of your seat scenes that are engaging…. the suspense of waiting to see what happens was brilliant… was impressed with the way it was written and the attention to the details.”

– on grydscaen: dark, MM Good Book Reviews

“Mingling cyberpunk and psychic powers, this novel creates a unique setting in an alternate earth where the world is a toxic, dangerous place… Each character is well drawn and comes to life, though some aren’t what they at first appear to be. And that’s part of the power of this book, the conspiracies and counter-conspiracies are well woven and quite elaborate, coming to a solid, well-worked ending.”

– on grydscaen: dark, Michael Barnette

“The characters are rich, dynamic and the emotional turmoil between Shiro and Noiz really comes out in the story. The artwork is expressive for a writer turned mangaka. I want more…”

– on graphic noiz manga 2, Indie Manga Artist

“An interesting mix of characters are inter-spaced throughout this magical and highly engaging book. I loved everything about the story as it progressed further. There is a lot that happens along the journey both good and bad. I was on the edge of my seat at times awaiting the outcome. Fantastic Read.”

– On The Seer of Ice and Sky, MM Good Book Reviews

The story is engaging, different, marketable and high-concept…

– on grydscaen: retribution, Professional Hollywood Reader

With its manga-style illustration on the cover… Natsuya Uesugi’s latest novel, grydscaen: utopia, seems set to appeal to a certain segment of adult fans of the popular Japanese graphic-novel genre. A five-page prologue describes the multifaceted world Uesugi invents… This interesting world piques the reader’s interest.

                                                                 – on grydscaen: utopia, Clarion Review

Though published third, this is Uesugi’s chronologically first installment in the manga inspired chronicles of young psychics navigating a future controlled by two massive empires… Lino Dejarre, a Codess user born with supernatural abilities of teleportation, telepathy and the ability to manipulate emotions and energy, is also the son of the Viceroy of the rebelling Pacific Territories – two facts he keeps secret from his friends at art school… Lino’s powers intensify with coaching as the broader dangers escalate at the book’s close, which will excite the series’ newcomers.

– on grydscaen: utopia, Kirkus Reviews

grydscaen: beginnings is exactly what the title suggests, a prelude to an electric story with deep roots.

– On grydscaen: beginnings, Fantascize.com

grydscaen: beginnings, the first in the grydscaen series seemed to me like a rough, unpolished gem… As far as dystopian worlds go, this is as dark as it gets.

– On grydscaen: beginnings, Rainbow Gold Reviews

An impressive anthology of deftly crafted short stories by Natsuya Uesugi. grydscaen: tribute is a terrifically entertaining read that is especially recommended to the attention of science fiction fans. Certain to be an enduring popular addition…

– On grydscaen: tribute, Midwest Book Review/Small Press Bookwatch

…Uesugi uses his background as a systems analyst and software engineer to explore the different sides of hacking… In the vein of Frank Herbert and George Orwell, Uesugi uses a fictional backdrop as a means to discuss real threats to economy, freedom and prosperity that many see rising – feeling helpless as they watch the approach.

– on grydscaen: tribute, SteamFeed

“The two main characters Rom (LGBT teen) and Storm (cop) are so likeable and always recognizable through the telling artwork. The setting is a city (Echelons) after a nuclear incident. The fallout makes existance harsh, and we instantly admire Rom and Storm for their survival skills and generosity towards those less fortunate.”

– on A Storm’s Coming manga, Professional Editor

“Great concept. The cards are professional and unique. Really get a feel for how expansive the grydscaen world is. Solid rules, fast game play, and love the Tarot idea.”

– on grydscaen RPG Trading Card game, Avid Gamer

“The social engineering and hacker character cards are spot on. The attention to detail makes the game exciting.”

— on grydscaen RPG Trading Card game, cybersecurity expert

“I love Rom and the fact that Uesugi took on the subject of LGBT homeless youth shows depth and compassion. He tells the hard truth about surviving the streets and gives a glimmer of hope in Rom’s story.”

– on A Storm’s Coming, Youth Crisis Counselor

“graphic noiz gets yaoi right. I want to see more Noiz and Shiro.”

– on graphic noiz manga, Indie Manga blog

“I liked the premise and the diversity of the characters…”

– on grydscaen: insurrection, Reader Review

“It would make a great graphic novel…”

– on grydscaen: insurrection, Reader Review

“I could almost see the aircraft taking off from the battleship… Would make an awesome Gundam style anime complete with fighter pilots and transforming mecha.”

– on grydscaen: insurrection, Game Designer

“grydscaen: tribute is an ambitious sci-fi anthology set in the author’s grydscaen world. In terms of what’s already out there, the closest comparison is The Animatrix… the story [A Storm’s Coming] is, in part, a detective story (set against a bleak future backdrop, a la Blade Runner)… a bleak but compelling world.”

– on A Storm’s Coming, Professional Hollywood Screenwriter

“I liked how Uesugi developed the relationship between Shiro and Noiz… Their interaction shows a positive model of a gay relationship.”

– on graphic noiz manga 2, Gay Rights Activist

“graphic noiz artwork looks great in color. I really dig the style, it’s not  your typical anime-esque but it is more Western influenced manga.”

– on graphic noiz manga 2, Otaku Enthusiast

“The Seer of Grace and Fire storytelling is masterful and engaging. The transgender heroine Ethesian is a tour de force. Uesugi gives transgender youth a strong role model indeed.”

– on The Seer of Grace and Fire, Transgender Youth Advocate

“The characters in The Seer of Grace and Fire are so real. Timorn’s skills as a Ranger play off the demure and poised Ethesian. The playful feisty Ishika and high elf Ihel compliment the travelling party. A great start to an epic fantasy tale. Uesugi hits all the right points. A fresh voice in fantasy.”

– on The Seer of Grace and Fire, The Fantasy Review

“grydscaen: dark is techno chaos, a rallying cry for this generation where technology and social media rule the day. On the precipice of reality, dark hits you right between the eyes, the hacker Jester leading the charge as he infiltrates the stock market. A wild ride. Every tech in cyber security should read this scifi tale.

– on grydscaen: dark, White Hat Hacker

“If you like Anime Conventions, graphic noiz is for you. With its slice of life tale of Noiz the indie manga artist at his first convention, Natsuya brings you into everything otaku are about. Even the arrogant mangaka turned writer Shiro Ijima seems real. If you love manga, you have to try this series.

– on graphic noiz 1, Anime World

“techno slang sets the tone for grydscaen: dark, a stark, in your face, gritty thrill ride through Uesugi’s expansive neon dystopia. The characters are rich, the scenes in depth, and the attention to detail brilliant. Hard edges, deep tech, complex intrique, grydscaen: dark is a great read. Five stars!”

– on grydscaen: dark, SciFi Dystopia Book Club

“Riuho Dejarre is more than just a villain, he is pure, calculated, narcissistic treachery. Can’t get enough of him. Perfect foil to the upstart young Emperor Lino Dejarre.”

– on grydscaen: desecration, reader review

“It was a long and intriguing story that had me enthralled… All the characters throughout the story both good and bad brought the story to life. I was intrigued by the plot and the roles each character had to play. Interesting and intriguing this book was a great beginning to the series. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. Great read.”

– On The Seer of Grace and Fire, MM Good Book Reviews

“Thank you for writing A Storm’s Coming about Rom the homeless teen. I have been homeless and processed a lot around transgender issues. This story speaks to me. Thanks for writing about the plight of homeless teens on the streets. This goes a long way to help fight the stigma and bring awareness.”

– On A Storm’s Coming Manga, Homeless Youth Outreach Coordinator