Writings On Cyber Security

Shoji here. Natsuya Uesugi has been busy in the cyber security space with recent articles, some published others soon to be published that reference social engineering, cyber security, and encryption. The following are ARC copies of recent articles Natsuya has sold. If you are interested in Natsuya’s work and want to request an article on cybersecurity or want to learn more about Natsuya’s freelance writing service, contact me at: shoji@natsukoarts.com.

Cyber Security Articles

What is an Ethical Hacker?

“View As” Facebook Security Breach

For the Layman: What is Kali Linux?

The State of Cyber Security Regulations – A Brief

Social Engineering Article Series

Social Engineering 101: Elicitation

Social Engineering 101: Microexpressions

Social Engineering 101: Preloading

Social Engineering 101: Pretexting

Social Engineering 101: Scarcity

Social Engineering 101: Neurolinguistics

Social Engineering 101: Manipulation

Privacy and Encryption

Throttling, Chaos and the End of Net Neutrality

Cyber Security and the Threat of Encryption

Stock Market, Wall Street Shenanigans and Hackers Galore

Tor for You – The impact of grydscaen