Manga Review grydscaen: psycho dive manga Wins Feathered Quill Award

Pleased to Announce in March 2022 grydscaen: psycho dive manga won the Feathered Quill Honourable Mention Award in Teen 13-18 category.
Honoured To Receive The Judges Critiqueof The Manga


– Covers: front cover – the anime drawing is very appealing and will grab teens’ attention / well done / good use of colors and font   Back cover – clean / colorful / margins are good / appealing to the eye

 – Content: will appeal not just to teens but adults too / the first pages that are full-color, where the characters are explaining who they are, what they do, etc., are stunning and aid the reader to better understand the world they have just entered / the story is interesting and will get teens easily involved in the series
 – Editorial score: comic book format and margins are perfect and images are clear / no spelling errors
Congratulations on Your Award Win.