grydscaen: dark wins FireBird Book Award

grydscaen: dark wins FireBiord Book Award
2021 Natsuya Uesugi winning book award details:

Natsuya Uesugi DuBois // grydscaen: dark // Award Winner
Firebird Book Award

FireBird Book Award Badge Supporting Women's Children's Shelters

Official award announcement page:

Cyberpunk thriller grydscaen: dark wins FireBird Book Award for the  Teen category. The Firebird Book Award  supports providing handmade pillow cases, pillows, totes and more to women and chidren in long-term shelters and promotes the grydscaen mission of supporting and bringing visibility to marginalized and underrepresented communities by creating stories with diverse characters in positions of power and supporting causes that promote equality, diversity, and social justice.