This page includes yaoi, fantasy and techno thriller books. For cyberpunk and science fiction works, see the Books page.

Contemporary Yaoi



graphic noiz 1

Noiz, a 19 year old manga artist is fresh out of art school and author of the manga Disaster Code. Showing his work at a Comic Convention, he meets famous author Shiro Ijima. Shiro's agent wants Noiz to illustrate Shiro's Fissure manga. Will Noiz win the contract?

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graphic noiz 2

Noiz and Shiro, working on the Fissure manga, get entangled in a cat and mouse game of teasing and flirting. When Noiz is late on chapter 2 , Shiro confronts him with the story of the tracker character. Will Shiro's revelation bring them closer or drive a wedge between them?

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graphic noiz 3

Shiro is confronted by his past when his former mentor Katushiro returns creating chaos and threatening the Fissure manga. Can Noiz help Shiro get out of his predicament and still meet the deadline for the manga pages to get done.

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graphic noiz 4

When Shiro is hurt by Katsuhiro, Jade recommends a trip to Scarsdale for Shiro and Noiz to get away. But Julia schemes to get Shiro married and throws a bridal shower. The lies and manipulation are too much for Noiz. Can their friendship survive?

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graphic noiz 5

Noiz in a fit of rage deletes pages from Shiro's Fissure 5 manuscript the day before it is due. Can Shiro race to get the pages rewritten in time. When the deadline looms the publisher kills Shiro's contract and it is only Keita who can possibly save the Fissure series.

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graphic noiz 6

The Fissure manga released, Shiro and Noiz travel to the Comic Market anime festival in Japan where Shiro gets news from his father. With family drama affecting Shiro emotionally, can Noiz keep him focused as they debut their manga to the world?


Dark Fantasy


The Alchemist's Ranger

The ranger Timorn encounters a strange noble in Fallow who hires him to find an alchemy tool. He finds a mystery that reveals something he never dreamed. The prequel to The Seer of Grace and Fire trilogy.

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The Seer of Grace and Fire

Book 1 of The Seer of Grace and Fire fantasy trilogy. Timorn, hired to take an elf to Kannon, a mysterious prophesy reveals his fate. They arrive in faerie to find the evil Valkyris's mage Dalannin trying to destroy faerie.

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The Seer of Ice And Sky

Book 2 of The Seer of Grace and Fire fantasy trilogy. The evil Dalannin travels to the dragons to form a pact which threatens faeries and elves. Will Seih the half-dragon captain help Timorn to fight the Valkyris or will the dragon king kill Timorn and his faerie twin Etheisan.

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The Seer of Flesh and Death

The Valkyris directly attacks Kannon. When Dalannin the dark mage wields a clandestine magic taking matters in his own hands, Timorn takes the battle directly to the Valkyris' doorstep and Ethesian is faced with a bitter darkness.

Coming Summer 2020


Techno Thrillers


A Storm's Coming

Rom is a homeless teen living on the streets of the Echelons. Trying to survive the night he encounters Zone Police officer Xander Storm but there is a killer on the loose. Can Rom keep from getting killed in this techno thriller.

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Rom finds himself having flashbacks after the government wiped his memory. His dreams show him a young girl in danger. Can he find the girl and save her before the government captures him.

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Read Only Memory

Rom becomes a Packrat hacktivist. As the voice of the uprising, Rom broadcasts a subversive radio show railing against the government. He organizes a protest which is swarmed by Zone Police. Can he escape and still ensure his message is heard?

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The Seal Maker

Hiro Yamaguchi the Velvet Hour bio hacker, is a suspect in the murder of Zone Police officer Xander Storm's wife and links to the attack on Rom. Jaiden Pierce partners with Xander on the cold case as Hiro surfaces as a possible lead. Can Xander stop the carnage before there are more mysterious subway bombings?

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