coming soon – grydscaen: metropolis

Shoji here and I have an announcement on a new book coming in November from Natsuya Uesugi.

What’s Next in grydscaen

This is so exciting as we now half way through the grydscaen series with the release on Halloween of grydscaen: desecration, the 5th book in the grydscaen series. The cyberpunk epic that reviewers have compared to Blade Runner, Akira, Ghost in the Shell and the Matrix is moving into the home stretch with the coming release on November 30 of gryydscaen: metropolis, book 6.

Natsuya is busy at work on finalizing the manuscript for submission and we have new lineart for the cover which is dynamic and features the main character of the grydscaen saga, Ameliano “Lino” Dejarre who became the Emperor of the Pacific Territories in grydscaen: desecration.

As blogger and business liaison for Natsuya, I can can tell you that grydscaen is getting a lot of interest and great reviews from readers and professional alike. With ten full length novels in the grydscaen series published and the accompanying tech noir novella series which was highlighted by the release of grydscaen: dark in July, Natsuya is gearing up to bring you more intrigue, fast paced action and technology in an epic story that will keep you guessing and is fresh and new with a diverse cast of characters.

About grydscaen: metropolis

Without giving away any spoilers,  Lino’s nemesis who returned in grydscaen: desecration is once more causing havoc and changing the landscape as the enemy Atlantea Federation kicks in  high gear its attacks on the Pacific Territories. With more intrigue and action, the story takes off and spins to a height centered around Lino as the newly crowned Emperor and Faid leader of the Packrats. We will see Faid in a light he has not been seen in before and we will get a hint at more of his inner workings as Lino takes up the helm of ruling the Pacific Territories in the City from the palace.

Coming Soon

With a November 30 release date planned, metropolis is in production and work is going strong on the manuscript formatting editing and cover art. Check back for updates on the writing process and I have convinced Natsuya to guest post about book production as we follow the book from submission to release. Check back to see more on the process of getting a book into the hands of readers. Natsuya has even helped us with a post about editing today so stick around and check it out as we get ready for the release of grydscaen: metropolis. I can’t wait!